Gender Role Reversal / Reblogged

“Masculine women and feminine men”:’s queer postcards.

Originally posted on BLoGT: NYU's Queer Blog:
I came across’s fantastic collection of historical postcards today and had to share with you all. The postcards are a fascinating commentary on perceived gender norms and gender deviance in the early twentieth century. I think it’s always interesting to see queer history come out of…

Gender Role Reversal

A Woman In A Man’s World…And Vice Versa

Dominance is argued to be a biological trait of the male species in which the larger size of males  as well as their higher levels of testosterone lead to their “aggressive and dominant behavior” (623).  In contrast, females are described as being more timid and shy which lead to them being more nurturing.  The dynamic duo of Sylvia Beach (author … Continue reading

Gender Role Reversal

He Loves Me (Not), She Loves Me (Not)

                When looking at gender roles in literature compared to popular media one that came straight to mind was that of Moll Flanders from Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders and Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.  Both characters have been involved in numerous sexual relationships and present a good juxtaposition with the stereotypical … Continue reading