Gender Role Reversal / Reblogged

Marry for Love… I Think Not

This blog provides a quick preview into the character I will be focusing on in the coming post.  Moll Flanders is a character created by Daniel Defoe who gets herself into some interesting situations.  While I am focusing on her gender role reversals, this posts talks more about her role in marriage…and what a great many roles there are to talk about!

Grove to Grubstreet

The men who involve themselves with Moll Flanders become either the shame of their family, a shameful two-timer, or ashamed of incest. Moll causes all of this shame because of her idea of marrying for money. This passage clearly represents Moll’s point of view, “this Creature, the go-between that had betrayed us both, had made me believe strange things of my Marrying to my Advantage in the Country, and I was not willing to be without Money whatever might happen” (119).  This “Creature” is the sister of her Irish husband, and he is just one example of Moll’s ignorance and pursuit of money.

            Moll tosses blame from one person to another, from her mother to this man’s sister, never taking responsibility for her actions. She blames this woman for this “betrayal”,” yet both her and the Irishman sought financial gain in their relationship and that is why the sister…

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