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“Masculine women and feminine men”:’s queer postcards.

Just some fun images looking at the differences between effeminate men and masculine women. They make a great addition to my post entitled “A Woman In A Man’s Word…And Vice Versa.”

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I came across’s fantastic collection of historical postcards today and had to share with you all. The postcards are a fascinating commentary on perceived gender norms and gender deviance in the early twentieth century. I think it’s always interesting to see queer history come out of the woodwork; on top of that, some of these are pretty funny.

Here’s what Outhistory had to say about the collection:

These popular culture images express the same feeling of threat to ideals of traditional “femininity” and “masculinity” found in that era’s medical journal articles and newspaper accounts of gender difference and sexual “abnormality.”

Postcards collected by Marshall Weeks and dating to the early twentieth-century present satirical images of women who wore “mannish” shoes, shirts, collars, ties, and coats, who smoked, went to bars, and who moved independently in the world. Other cards portray effeminate men and, specifically, those then called “fairies” and…

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