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The Pressure of Masculine Performance in Bechdel’s Fun Home

While I discussed the issues Alison faced when having to hide her sexuality, I did not discuss Bruce. Luckily I do not need to as I have a classmate who wrote an excellent post on the pressures Bruce felt while trying to perform his role as male in Fun Home.

Masculine Performance

The next work from this course that I will be discussing in this blog is Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, which was discussed during the March 14th lecture. Bechdel’s work tells the story of the author’s complex relationship with her late father. This work discusses at many instances the concept of masculine performance. Bechdel uses herself and the figure of her father to maintain a discourse of gender performance throughout her narrative. Throughout this narrative Bechdel gives the readers the impression that her father has been repressed in his masculine performance. While the character of herself wishes to perform in a masculine way, she gives the opposite impression of her father. The argument can be made that she wishes to perform in a masculine manner during several points during Fun Home. Most notably in chapter four,

During this scene of Fun Home the character of Alison has somewhat…

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